5 out of 5 stars :warning : having a cover made by 1208designs may cause you to go blind in one eye! high quality graphics and original designs will cause eye damage and make viewers purchase all cd/albums designed by 1208designs ( Highly recommended and by far the best web designer on the net! )-esk38

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All custom mixtape cd covers, flyers, business cards, and edited photos are available in print ready format.Turnaround is usually 1 to 2 days and also depending on level of difficulty. Every client gets up to 2 revisions and 100% creative control. All images are web optimized unless instructed otherwise.

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Lets cut to the chase. You most likely stumbled upon this site because you are looking to get some graphic artwork done. You may have seen our portfolio and now reading this to see what were all about and what we can do for you. Well look no further.Welcome to your one stop design shop. We design everything from mixtape cd covers, business cards, websites and more. 1208 Designs have been designing projects for hundreds of satisfied clients. Please view our testimonials for more info. We use state of the art techniques to achieve the images you see before you. We take your imagination and exceed it beyond your expectations delivering projects just as you seen in your head. Your image is the most important content you need to focus on to grab the attention of your customers , clients and fans. Heard of the saying dont judge a book by its cover? Well studies show people are more attracted by the imagery they first see before they commit to explore what else you have to offer. Its like seeing the perfect movie trailer. Think of 1208 Designs as the company to do just that for you. We take your ideas and images and present you with a project you will absolutely love at first sight. So what are you waiting for? Click below to message a designer to get started on your very own custom design today.



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